Developing a Strong Marketing Message for Your Business

It has been my experience that many business owners are confused about what a marketing message is. As I talk with entrepreneurs, I have found that many people think that a marketing message is the same as a company slogan or tagline; others believe that their marketing message is their mission and vision statement yet others think that their marketing message entails a description of what they do.

Actually, a marketing message is none of what I have just listed above. While all of these communicate something or the other about your business, a marketing message goes beyond just talking about your business. A marketing message talks about what you do for your customer….how you solve their problems.

Your marketing message, whether it is contained in a brochure, an ‘‘about us’’ page, an advert, a newsletter or a proposal, should be aimed at communicating to your target customers that you know what their problem is and you have a product or service that will solve the problem. Your marketing message is what tells your target customers why they ought to choose you and not your competition.

5 Critical Components You Should Take into Account When Crafting Your Marketing Message

For your marketing message to be strong enough to resonate with your target market and draw them to patronize your business, there are at least five critical components that you must take into account when crafting your message. These five components include the following:

Ensure that All the Elements of Your Message Align With Your Target Market

If you are going to run a successful business, you must know whom you target customers are. Once you have clearly identified the section of people you are looking to reach with your service or product, you can then craft a message that will resonate with this group of people so that when they read your marketing message, they feel a connection with your offering.

Firstly, craft your marketing message in a language that your target customers use regularly. Craft the message in a language that when your target audience read it, it makes them nod their heads and say ‘‘wow, that sounds like something I would be interested in’’ By using a language that your target customers use regularly, the message will get through to them quickly. They will not struggle to make sense of what is being said.

In addition to the language of your message, see to it that all other elements of the message match up with your target customers. If you plan to use pictures in the message, it is important that the pictures are such as your readers will not find them offensive. And if you intend to print the message, the material you use and the quality of the printing should be of a level that will be welcome by your specific target group.

If you have not clearly defined your target market, then this would be the time to do so. Because without a clear understanding of who you are targeting with your product or service, your marketing message will be too diffused to stand out or make a strong impression on any segment of people.

Highlight the Challenges Your Target Market Experience

One of the ways to convince a person that you can solve their problem, that you have a solution to their need is to show that you understand what they are going through in the first place. The best way to show that you understand what they are going through is to accurately articulate the challenges that they face as well as the feelings – fear, worry, frustration, pain and others – that they experience as a result.

This is why your marketing message must clearly articulate the challenges that your target customers encounter in their lives for which you are offering a solution. By highlighting the problems and pains that your target prospects have, they will quickly see your business as ally in solving their problem and not as a business that is looking to sell them a product or a service. This perspective will make them very willing and eager to buy from you.

State the Solutions Your Product or Service Brings to the Challenges Your Target Market Experience

Okay, so you clearly articulate the challenges your target customers have as well as the feelings that accompany those problems but do you have the solutions to these frustrations?

Once, you have identified the problems that distress your prospects, you must go on to show them that your product or service will offer them exactly the solution they need. It is your responsibility to find a way to highlight the ways in which your product or service will relieve or completely eliminate those difficulties for your prospects. You must make them see clearly from your marketing message that your product or service will sufficiently meet the need that they have. The key is to make them see how much better their lives will be by using your product or patronizing your service

Include Testimonies of Positive Results Others Have Achieved Through Your Product or Service

If your product service has produced results for others before, then don’t hesitate to use the testimonials of such people to back up your claim. Your prospects may not readily believe you despite your best argument to prove to them that your product or service is just what they need but their stance will significantly soften if you show them that people like them have used your product or service to great effect.

With such testimonials, it is no longer just you talking about the positive results that your product or service generate but people who have patronized you in the past bearing testimony to the positive results they have achieved through your product or service. A testimonial from a satisfied client is a difficult thing to argue with.

Highlight your specific expertise, proprietary process or superiority of product or service.

Until your prospects find at least one thing about your business that is unique, they will rate your business no differently than others. And if they rate your business the same as others, it means they will not be particularly insistent on always buying from you. This means that in your marketing message, you should strive to highlight those things that make your business unique and different. It could be a specific expertise which only your company possesses or a proprietary process you employ in your business which is unique to you. If none of these apply to you, then maybe you can make some minor tweaks to an existing product and present it as a fresh one and make it the center of your message.

Ultimately, this point is about communicating the unique differences of your business that will have perceived value to your prospects. It is the perceived value they see in your unique differences that will motivate them to patronize your business and stick with you henceforth.




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