Benefits of Using Social Media Influencers to Advertise

Influencer marketing has grown to become a mainstay form of marketing. Presently, it common to find a business partnering with an influencer – an individual who has established credibility and gained trust from many people as a result of their expertise on a particular area of human interest – in order to create awareness about their products or service or push out their brand message.

While influencer marketing has grown significantly to become a mainstay method of marketing, there are still quite a number of businesses and marketing directors who have not fully jumped on-board the influencer marketing bandwagon mainly because they have not yet fully identified the numerous benefits that are inherent in this marketing strategy.

Like any other method of advertising, influencer marketing requires an investment. However, it brings numerous benefits that far outweigh the investment that usually go into the campaign. These benefits include:

  1. It is Native So It Is More Easily Accepted By The Target Audience

Native advertising is the type of advertising that is designed to fit in and blend with the form and feel of the rest of the content on the platform so that it does not clearly sticks out as sponsored content. The content is provided by, produced in conjunction with or created on behalf of the advertiser.

Native adverts have proven to be effective because they are usually better received by their target audience. Since they blend in with the rest of the platform and are not clearly delineated as advertisement, people are more inclined to view them and consume their content.

Usually, a post by an influencer, recommending a product or service simply blends with the rest of his posts, making it non-intrusive. As a result, his followers view it without discrimination even when they are aware that the influencer is promoting the product or service.

  1. Posts By Influencers Reach the Target Audience Directly

Many consumers have become frustrated with the reality of advertisements being splashed in their faces all the time and have install blockers on their devices to screen them out. Using influencers for advertisements allows brands to overcome this challenge and communicate their marketing messages to their target audience. Since the audience follow the influencer, whatever message he posts on his social media pages reaches the audience directly without being blocked out by an ad blocker.

Moreover, with more than 92 percent of consumers indicating that they trust recommendations from individuals, especially influencers more than they trust advertisements from brands, using influencers to get marketing messages to target audience is obviously a safer bet for brands than investing on traditional advertising. When influencers talk about a brand, majority of their followers believe them because they are independent third parties making recommendation based on their experience with a brand.

  1. There Will Be Increased Traffic to Your Website as Well as Sales

Statistics show that 94% of marketers who have engaged in influencer marketing believe that the strategy has been effective. As a result, more and more brands, both big and small, are adopting influencer marketing as a core marketing strategy

If your choice of an influencer is truly someone whose area of influence aligns with your industry, their followers will naturally be your target audience. Since influencers have large audience, working with one to promote your product will ultimately lead to many within their audience visiting your website because your product is of interest to them.

You can work with an influencer to create content which they will post on their on their social media feed and link to your website. Or you can get an influencer to review your product on their website, portraying it in very positive light with a link that people can click on to get to your website. Since many people are inclined to buy when someone they trust make a recommendation, many of the influencer’s followers – who are also your target audience – will ultimately buy after visiting your website.

  1. There Will Be a Heightened Awareness of Your Brand

For many brands, the main goal of engaging in influencer marketing is to generate increased sales. However, the resultant brand awareness that is created is equally as important. The truth is that not everyone within the audience of an influencer who get exposed to content regarding your brand will immediately make their way to your website to buy. However, the fact that the audience is exposed to the content in the first place will create an awareness of your product or brand among them.

Reaching out to a large number of people to create brand awareness requires a heavy investment of time and energy. Engaging in influencer marketing fast-track the process and dramatically cut down on the investment required. A social media influencer already has thousands of followers who consume whatever content they put out. Working with an influencer whose niche aligns with your industry means that, when they share your content, they will put it right in front of thousands of your potential customers. This would significantly raise the level of awareness of your products and brand. If this process is sustained for a while, more and more people who never heard of your brand will get to hear of it. These people will then share the content with their own circle of friends thereby further raising the awareness of your brand.

  1. It Gives You Faster Market (Customer) Penetration

If you are a start-up or you are looking to bring a new product into the market and you do not have a big marketing budget, your best strategy to gain market penetration fast would be to leverage influencer marketing.

Unlike traditional advertising where you spread your message broadly hoping that some of your target audience will see it, influencer marketing offers you a far better deal because if you work with the right social media influencers, they will get your message directly to your target audience since they already have large following within their niche.

In addition, influencer marketing cuts out the need to seek to build a network of industry peers and veterans who can help to promote your products and push them out through existing channels. It helps you leverage on the network that influencers have already built within the niche in order to facilitate the exposure of your brand and position it to resonate better with the audience than those of your competitors.

  1. It Delivers Excellent Value for Money In Terms of ROI

Another massive benefit of influencer marketing is the extent of return on investment (ROI) it delivers.

According to a study by Nielsen Catalina and TapInfluence, the ROI generated by influencer marketing is 11 times greater than any other form of marketing campaign.

The key to achieving this sort of result is to ensure that you understand fully who your target audience is and pair up with the right influencer. Using the right influencer, you can generate huge income without spending thousands of dollars on advertising.


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