6 Powerful Benefits of Writing a Good Business Book

As a business owner, consultant, C-suite executive or life coach, it is probable that writing a book is not on your agenda at all. You are already swamped with stuff you need to do in your business. From writing proposals, to holding meeting with banks, attending to your customers, dealing with staff issues and coordinating with your marketing agency, you are already hard press for time as it is. There is just no way you are going to take on the added task of writing a book.
But what if I tell you that writing a book is one of the best things you could do for yourself and your business? What if I lay out for you numerous beneficial reasons why you should make a decision to write a book as a business owner, consultant, corporate executive or life coach?

Sure, writing a business book is not a walk in the park, but actually taking time and investing efforts to do it will bring you and your business several benefits.

Some of these benefits include the following:

1. It Earns You Credibility and Establishes You as an Expert in Your Field

Whether you are an architect, a lawyer, real estate professional, business consultant, financial planner or insurance salesman, writing a book instantly gives you credibility and confers expert status on you. You are immediately seen as a thought-leader on the subject.
As soon as your book starts to gain traction, people begin to respond to you as though you are the smartest person they know on the subject. By authoring a book, you show that you know your area of business inside and out. What will happen then is that folks who probably wouldn’t have given you the time of the day before now will pay full attention when you speak.

2. Your Business Receives a Heightened Level of Credibility and Brand Awareness

There is a phenomenon known as ‘halo effect’. It’s a situation whereby one positive trait possessed by an individual leads us to view everything else associated with the person in positive light. If you write a good book that generates a strong impact, your business gets a halo effect from your rise in credibility. If people view you as an expert in your field as a result of a good book you have written, they will unconsciously extend the positive view to your company or business.

3. You Gain Visibility and Publicity for You and Your Business

Generally, it can be pretty difficult to get publicity and media coverage for your products or services because most media outlets see this type of coverage as advertising and not news. Moreover, journalists tend to give coverage to well-known and established brands not up-and-coming brands.
But writing a book changes all that. Firstly, your book will be reviewed in the traditional media and various online media platforms, putting your name and brand in the faces of all the people who consume information on these platforms. And in almost all instances where your book is reviewed, you will be briefly or fully profiled, further creating more publicity for you and your brand.
Secondly, you will get invited to talk about your book in the media including TV talk shows, panel discussions on radio and interviews by popular bloggers. You will also be invited to speak at seminars and workshops on the subject of your book.
Plus, if the book is really good, people will read it and then share it with the people in their circle of interaction, thereby extending the reach of both your name and brand without you spending a dime on advertising.

4. You Will Attract New Business Opportunities and Generate More Leads

The combination of the credibility you will earn and the publicity you will generate as a result of your book will put you on the top of the minds of your prospective clients. When they need to hire someone in your field, you will be the first person they will think of.
More so, if someone asks them to recommend a professional or consultant with your type of expertise, it is likely that it is your name that will readily come to their minds.

5. You Get Opportunities to Earned Increased Revenue

When you write a book you are sure to earn some income from the sale of the book but this will not be the only source of income for you from your book. As the book begins to take a life of its own, you will find that a whole lot of opportunities for you to generate increased income will open up. These opportunities include:

(i) You Could Easily Raise What You Charge for Your Services – By writing a book and earning credibility as an expert and an authority in your field, you will find that people will be willing to pay premium for your service. So if you want to, you could raise how much you charge for your service and thus, increase the income that you bring in.

(ii) You Could Develop and Sell Additional Products – Once your book has been published, you could go on and create and sell additional products, using the book as a basis for those additional products. You could hold seminars based on the topic covered in the book or you could create a video course or membership programme as additional products that will add value to your audience.

(iii) You Will Earn Additional Income From Speaking Engagements – A few years back, a good friend of mine wrote two great books, one on how to build wealth investing long term in the stock market and the other on how to make a lot of money from short-term stock trading. One thing I recall clearly is that as more and more people bought and read the books, my friend began to get invited to speak at financial and investment seminars all across the country. Beside paying for his flight tickets and lodging him in some of the finest hotels in the land, he was compensated handsomely for sharing his knowledge with audiences at those seminars. When you write a good book, you get invited to speak at events on the topic of your book and are compensated for your insight. This becomes a source of additional income for you.

6. You Will Have the Psychological Satisfaction of Creating Something Tangible and Long Lasting

One key thing about being a consultant, C-suite professional or an executive coach is that you work on a lot of very important things most of which are intangible. What you do is mostly about leveraging your intellectual power, knowledge and repertoire of skills to solve problems for businesses and individuals. The result of your work is not usually stuff that could be touched and felt.
Writing a book changes the game for you. A book is tangible. You can point to it as something you created. You can give it to your customers and prospects as proof of your expertise on the subject. And when people meet you and tell you how much they have benefited from reading your book; or when you walk into a bookshop and see your book on the shelf with your name on it, there is a feeling of satisfaction you will get that can be matched by only a few things in this life. It is the psychological satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have contributed something worthwhile and long lasting.

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