6 Public Relations Strategies You Can Use to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business

If you have a well-defined business and a unique product or service but not many people know about them, you are not likely to attract customers. In such a situation, the best thing for you to do would be to find ways to spread information about your business to as many of your target audience as possible. This way, a lot more people will become aware of what you do and may end up as your customers or clients.

There are a number of public relations strategies that you can leverage to achieve this objective. When used effectively, these strategies are excellent at spreading information about a business and keeping it visible before people, which ultimately leads to brand awareness and brand visibility.

If you leverage these strategies and consistently put in good work over a period of time, you will end up reaping huge rewards without spending as much money as you would on other forms of marketing and promotion. These strategies include the following:

1. Regularly Write and Share Informative Content

Incorporate a blog on your company website from where you should write and share informative and keyword optimized content on a regular basis.

We live in an age where people are constantly researching and consuming content online. Whether it is individuals seeking solutions to pressing challenges or professionals reading up about their industry, folks are constantly reading content from various sources.

By consistently writing and sharing content that provides real value for your target audience, you will build a reputation for your business as an expert in your industry. With such a reputation, you will naturally earn credibility with your target.

Use a tool such as Buzzsumo to find out what topics are trending in your industry so that you can write content that people are looking for and would love to read and share; content that is way better than a mere regurgitation of what has already been written.

2. Leverage Social Media to Spread Your Content

The following statistics have been established for social media usage: Facebook: 1.6 billion active users daily; Instagram: 600 million active users daily; YouTube: 149 million daily active users; Twitter: 134 million active users daily; 303 million monthly active users.

With such statistics, it doesn’t take the smarts of a rocket scientist to figure out that social media has become a great public relations channel. Before now, if you wanted to spread information about your business, you would be at the mercy of a journalist or an editor to have your content published.

Today, that has changed. Right from your company social media pages, you can share with your audience every content you create and engage with them as they respond to it. Share on your business social media pages every content you post on your company blog to increase its reach. When people read the content and ask questions, answer them by giving them all the information they need to know about your business.

3. Guest Blog

Guest blogging involves publishing content on someone else’s blog rather than yours. You can use guest blogging as a key strategy to increase the brand awareness and visibility of your business, no matter what industry you are in.

The strategy for increasing brand awareness through guest blogging is to find blogs in your industry that attract high traffic and pitch them topics that align with what they usually publish. By guest-posting on a high-traffic blog, you will reach a different and larger audience from the people that visit your blog.

Guest blogging provides a win-win scenario for both the guest blogger and the owner of the high-traffic blog. For the blog owner, he gets to have fresh content for visitors to his blog without investing time to write. For the guest blogger, he is able to reach a different and wider audience some of whom will be attracted to his own blog. Moreover, by getting featured on a high-traffic blog, his business earns increased credibility and thus, attracts more customers in the long run.

4. Use Email to Stay in Touch With Your Customers 

A good way to ensure that your business remain visible is to stay in touch with the people that have done business with you – your customers. Your aim should be to obtain the email contact of each person that buys from you and thereafter, make it a point to maintain a relationship with them.

You can maintain this relationship by regularly sending them informative and useful emails and keeping them apprised of important developments in your business, such as arrival of new products, discount offers, upcoming events and others. A simple but effective way to achieve this goal is to start a monthly or quarterly newsletter that you email to your customers at regular intervals.

5. Build Relationships With Journalists and Get Them to Cover Your Business

While you have opportunities today to spread information about your business on your own, there is no ruling out the fact that you still need the traditional media for the same purpose. A single third-party mention your business receives in the press will be invaluable to validating it.

That is why it is critical that you look to build and maintain relationships with journalists who cover your industry. Your aim in building such a relationship should be to become invaluable to journalists by giving them useful information or leads to useful stories.

By being of value to them, it will be easier for journalists to write about your business, publish your press release or cover your company event when you need them to do so.

In addition to being a source, attend events where you can meet journalists; connect with and engage them on social media by commenting on their posts or ‘twitting’ @ them. And make sure you are easy to reach at all times.

Usually, developing collaborative relationships with journalists takes time so you should be willing to be in the game for the long haul.

6. Maximally Project Every Press Coverage

Once you have succeeded in getting positive press coverage, focus your efforts on ‘shouting’ about it everywhere so everyone will know what has happened. It will be a crying shame if your public relations efforts end once the media publish a positive story about your business, products or services.

You should look to take full advantage each time your business is featured in the media by amplifying the reach of each media coverage so that you will enhance your business brand awareness and visibility.

Some of the ways you can do this include the following:

i. Share it across all your social media channels

ii. Upload it to the ‘media’ menu of your company website

iii. Put a link to it in your email signature

iv. Include it in the ‘news’ section of your company newsletter

v. Add it to your company press kit

vi. Promote press coverage on social media


Achieving brand awareness and brand visibility is an investment worth pursuing for any business. Obviously, it is not an objective that can be achieved overnight. However, a consistent investment of time and resources to keep your business in the view and consciousness of your target audience will ensure that you earn their trust. In the end, the business will become widely recognized as the go-to business in your sector thereby guaranteeing its success.



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